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Make Valentines Day Special When You're Skint

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Just because you're low on cash, doesn't mean you can't celebrate Valentine's day in style. You can treat the love of your life with relatively little money and here's  some amazing low-cost and free ways to plan a really special evening.

make valentines day special when you are skint

Valentines day is the perfect excuse to spoil someone you love and if your other half is used to you going all out on February 14th, you don't want a silly thing like an empty wallet getting in the way of your plans, you just need to get creative!

Unfortunately the day of love is not long after Christmas and the old bank balance may not be fully recovered yet. Ideally we'd spend a fortune on our beau, but when it comes down to it, it really is the thought that counts. So here's some fabulous ideas to spoil the one you love and have a great night together.

Indoor Picnic

Staying in is the new going out. Especially when staying in involves snuggling up with your other half whilst eating off of a giant floor picnic, drinking wine and saving cash at the same time. 

Just remember to set the scene with a nice blanket or throw, plenty of cushions, a candle or two, music and some flowers or petals to make it look romantic. For food you can cook a meal, do a traditional picnic or even have a delicious cheese board.  Just don't forget something sweet for dessert! 



Pamper Night

There's nothing nicer than having a hot, bubbly bath run for you! It's even better when there's an ice cold glass of wine ready and an abundance of candles dotted around to set the mood.  You can create a fantastic spa night at home for relatively cheap!

You can get a plethora of affordable spa products on stores like B&Ms and Home bargains from face masks and massage oils to bath salts and hand creams, so you can really spoil your partner. Treat them to a nice box of chocolates (ones on offer of course) to eat whilst they enjoy their massage and they will be putty in your hands! Be sure to have it all set up ready with towels etc to prove home much effort you have gone to.

Cheap 3 Course Meal with Wine

Normally I'd advocate cooking a nice meal but with supermarkets catching on to the famous M&S meal deal you can get some absolutely amazing food which is ready prepared, easy to cook and comes with a bottle of wine included. 

The Valentines special deals range from £15 - £20 depending on the supermarket and often come with a small box of chocolates included too.  If you were to cook three courses and buy a bottle of wine you would spend a lot more than the price of one of these tasty deals.

Recreate an important day

Why not pick a memorable date from your relationship, like the day you met or the day you proposed and recreate it. I can't imagine anything more romantic - Hopefully it was a cheap date too!

Movie night

Who doesn't love a movie night? and we're not talking Netflix and chill here! Remember to set the scene with candles, a blanket to cwtch up under, some homemade pizza or even a chilli-dog, bowls of chocolates and popcorn and something nice to drink. Get the kids to bed early and find a film you will BOTH enjoy.

Make It a Theme Night

Choose a theme and center everything you do around it. For example, if you choose a 70s theme buffet with a fondue centre-piece, then watch a classic 70s movie like Grease. There's loads of other theme to choose from such as Italian, Indian, American or even simply romance!



You might also want to include some free or cheap games in to your chosen night to make it more fun, such as IOU cards - these can be chores, cooking, sexual favours or anything you think your partner might like.


As always if you have any other great ideas to plan an affordable Valentines evening, please let us know in the comments below...



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