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How To Make Money Working From Home as a Blogger

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How to Make Money as a Blogger

Fancy giving blogging a go? We'll show you what you need to get started and how to turn your blog into a successful money making business.

5 ways to make money working from home as a blogger

As much as we at Daily Deals UK love to save money, we also need to make a little. I'm often asked the question "how do you make money working from home" or "how can I earn money online" so I thought I'd put this little guide together for anyone thinking of becoming a work at home blogger.

In reality blogging is not a quick money fix and you really need to do it because you enjoy it, most people don't make money for around a year as the first year is spent creating your brand. To create a strong brand you will need:

A self hosted blog from the start so your domain name is always your own and you're not tied in to a blogspot url.

A catchy blog name and logo

An aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate website which is GDPR complaint

Plenty of content (blog posts)

Connect with other bloggers

Social media pages with lots of content and followers

It is also important to choose your niche - make sure it's something you're good at and stick to it.  Our niche is finding deals and saving cash so we run a money saving blog and stick to it.  So if you happen to have a qualification in fitness you might want to run a health and fitness blog, or if you have a passion for travelling you would be perfect to run a travel blog.

Alas - Like Rome, this can not be built in a day. You should really focus on the above as well as writing great content that is useful to your audience before you look at monetizing your website. Then, once you have all the above in hand you can start making money.

1 - Google Ads

You can insert text ads directly in to your blog posts and also banner ads in to a side bar on your website. You will earn revenue if someone clicks on them but to be eligible for the adsense program your blog must be at least 6 months old and fully GDPR compliant. Make sure everything is in place before you apply.

Google adsense is the easiest to be accepted in to and a great start for any blogger, once your brand is established, you will probably want to move to a company such as mediavine who pay for impressions as well as clicks. 

2 - Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn commission every time you promote a company's product(s). Simply put, if you were to mention a product you like in one of your blog posts you can turn the link in to an affiliate link so it gets tracked, then,  if people buy that product through your link you will get a certain percentage. You would have to apply to the merchants network and be approved before you would be able to qualify.

There are many affiliate networks out there and for newbies I would suggest going with one like Skimlinks.  There are many advantages of choosing an all-in-one platform such as Skimlinks and they have a great wordpress plug in so you literally don't have to do any work. Every time you post a link (if they have that merchant in their list) the link will be converted automatically for you.

There's a few major players in the affiliate marketing game and the merchants are quite spread out so you will have to join quite a few if you need a large array of retailers to promote. You can find most retailers via




Comission Junction

Except for Amazon and eBay, who both run their programs in-house, and are somewhat harder to be accepted on to (both are on skimlinks)

The bonus of joining these individually is the retailers seem to add all their voucher codes, deals and sales information on their individual networks and these types of offers are very sparse on Skimlinks.

3 - Brand Ambassador

Blogging has become seriously popular in the last few years, which is why brands from all over the world are desperate to get bloggers to mention, review and promote their stuff. Brands usually like product reviews or advertorials.

Advertorials are adverts in the form of an article or blog post - So for example, say Nike bring out a new line, and your blog is a popular women’s sport fashion blog. Nike might offer to pay you a set payment in exchange for, say, 500 words plus four images of their products in your blog post.

Reviews - A lot of bloggers start off by reviewing products and when you become an authority in the reviewing community, brands will often send you their products to review free of charge which is great for newer bloggers to get them started but as your DA score rises, you will start to get the products for free and a nice fee for the review to boot.

4 - Sponsored Social Media Posts

You’ll have to work hard on building your followers and fans before this will ever be an option but once you have established a strong social media presence with plenty of followers/likes you’ll be very attractive to brands and the price they are willing to pay can be surprisingly high.

5 - Guest Blogging

It will take a long time for people to come to you as a guest blogger, but if you stick at it the rewards are endless. Major brands who you have caught the attention of, and even the press often get in touch with bloggers who are an authority in their relative niche and will pay you to make a cameo appearance (guest post) on their website.  For example, if you’re particularly knowledgeable on saving money, a news outlet might get in touch and ask you to contribute some budgeting advice to people who get in to debt at Christmas.

You can and should search for guest blogging opportunities yourself, two great ways are:

Twitter - You can also use twitter to find guest blogging opportunities by seaching hastags such as #bloggerswanted #prrequest and #bloggersrequired

Blogger op sites - Blogger guest post opportunity websites such as BlogDash and Get Blogged all of which you add your profile, stats and links to so that brands can easily find - and hire you.

As always if you know of any other ways to earn money from blogging, please let us know in the comments below...



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