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Free Printable Meal Plan & Grocery Budget Template

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Free Meal Plan & Grocery Budget Template

Fed up of overspending on your food shopping? Constantly throwing out wasted or gone off food from the back of the fridge? The price of groceries has soared in recent years and this meal plan and grocery budget template will help you pull in the reins on your spending. 

 free meal plan grocery budget printable

The number one thing that helped to cut our food spending by thousands a year, is meal planning, and it can help you too!

Why Should I Meal Plan?

Having a meal plan in place every week can seriously help you keep on budget.  When it comes to weekly meal planning I have two goals in mind, 1) Make sure we have 1 nutritious, home-cooked meal per day and 2) keep the entire weeks groceries for our family of six under £100.

I was spending a lot of money at restaurants and on takeaways (despite spending a fortune at the grocery store) because I was lazy and couldn't ever muster up the imagination to create a meal with what I had thrown in to the trolley that week.



With a meal plan in place, all your ingredients are ready and you don't even have to think about it, you just check what's on the days list and get on with it. 

meal plan

Tips to Lower Your Grocery Shop

1 - Get your groceries delivered - You might think the delivery fee is a put off but I spend £5 a month on my asda delivery pass and can have as many deliveries as I like.  I would spend that on fuel - not to mention the extra money you spend walking around the shop and seeing things you wouldn't if you were shopping online.

2 - Use Voucher Codes where possible from either cutting them out of free magazines or using online spend and save codes.

3 - Scan your receipts - Use checkoutsmarts app and take a few seconds of your time to scan grocery receipts to earn cash or gift cards.

4 - Find cheap meal ideas and recpies online.

5 - Mask your food shop - Huh? I hear you say....well this cheeky money saving trick I have been using for many years, and I have written a post detailing exactly how to food shop cheaply and get away with it



How To Get Your Free Meal Plan & Grocery Budget Template

Well that's the easy part! Simply click here and you can print the pdf off in the click of a button. Now it’s a matter of simply entering in your desired meals, ingredients and costs each week.

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If you found the free Meal Plan & Grocery Budget Template  useful, let us know in the comments below...



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