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Eggcellent Money Saving Ideas for Easter on a Budget

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Easter Money Saving Ideas

Easter doesn't have to be an eggstravagant occasion (sorry, no more I promise) There's loads of ways to celebrate Easter without breaking the bank and here's some of the best ones...

Easter Party On A Tight Budget

So if you like the sound of easy Easter decorating ideas, cheap party DIYs, free printables, read on for our budget-friendly Easter ideas that are super easy to recreate at home!

How to do Easter on a Budget

Easter is one of my favorite holidays, probably second to Christmas. We have all the family round for lunch and do plenty of activities for the kids throughout the day. Luckily Easter occurs during Spring when the sun is shining so you can utilise your outdoor space for Easter hunts and crafts.

I am always looking for ways to make these special occasions affordable and no matter what your budget you can celebrate Easter in style.

Set Your Budget

Sounds obvious - right? but first and foremost you need to actually create your budget! You need to work out what you can reasonably spend before you actually start spending. 

Shop Smart

The day after Easter, supermarkets sell off their surplus stock for pennies.  This is when you can get all your Crafts, Decorations, Hats, Baskets and Easter themed games for next to nothing.  I always go over on bank holiday Monday to see what I can get for next year.

Save Your Easter Stash

Be sure to pack all your savable Easter items away to reuse year after year for even further savings.



Free or Cheap Easter Activities

Now no reputable Easter party would be complete without some fun and games, and you would be hopping mad to break the bank when there's so many affordable ways to celebrate.  So here's some ideas to keep the kids entertained for next to nothing. 

Easter Crafts

We always start the morning off with a crafts table.  You can get some amazing craft items from Home Bargains and BandM store from 69p.  That coupled with some plain paper, glue, glitter and paint and we get them to make meaningful crafts for the day, which kills two birds with one stone.  Crafts we get them to make are:

Placemats for our Easter lunch - A4 plain paper decorated how they wish or we print off some Easter themed things like bunnies or eggs for them to decorate.

The small eggs for the hunt - Cut out 5 egg shapes per child and let them decorate (make sure you put their name on the back) 

Egg Painting - Boil up a few eggs and let the kids paint them, they don't go to waste because we use them after lunch for a good old fashioned egg and spoon race and then use them again for tea because always have egg sandwiches for tea.

Easter Hunt

Luckily the price of Easter eggs has plummeted in recent years.  When you compare the average price of a chocolate bar these days to an Easter egg (when they're on offer) you're actually better off buying the whole egg sometimes.

We don't actually hunt for chocolate eggs in my house as to make the hunt enjoyable and last long enough it would cost too much and the kids would end up with way too much chocolate.

So we use the eggs we had the kids make earlier and pop their names on the back of 10, hide them all around the house and garden and once they find all 10 they get their pile (which is 2 x 75p eggs and 5 x small eggs £1) total cost £2.50 per child from this years offer at Tesco. 

If they find another child's name they have to keep quiet and leave it where it is.  This keeps them busy for at least an hour which is great.

National Trust Cadbury’s Easter Egg hunts

If you don't want to spend Easter at home you can take part in the National Trust Cadbury’s Easter Egg hunts.  There's over 250 free hunts to choose from across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The hunts are free but the venue may charge it's usual admission charges, so be sure to check. 

As well as the Easter hunt, there will be face-painting, family games and craft activities, plus a free Cadbury’s egg on completion of the hunt.  You can find your nearest venue here.

Watch a Movie

Hop, The Dog Who Saved Easter and An Easter Bunny Puppy are a great selection of family films to watch at Easter, perfect for the kids and you have plenty of chocolate on hand to feast on whilst you're watching it. 

Make Chocolate Nests

These are a great way to use up some of that chocolate the kids have been given. Melt 250g of chocolate, 50g butter and 2 tbsp of golden syrup in to a bowl, then add in 75g of broken up shredded wheat and stir. Pop in to cake cases and press a spoon in the middle to create a nest shape. Pop in the fridge for the chocolate to set. Fill with mini eggs and enjoy!

Easter Games

Once Lunch is done and dusted we like to sit down to some games.  For these you will simply need paper and pens! 

Easter Boy, Girl, Fruit, Flower -  For this game you choose a few catagories, themed around Easter (as much as you can)  

Easter Around the World - Sit in a circle and throw out a subject such as "Chocolate Bars" everyone has to name a type of chocolate, everyone has 60 seconds max and if you duplicate an answer or run out of time you're out! Keep going on the same subject until the last man, woman or child's left. 



To sum up, try to focus your Easter celebrations on fun and memories rather than too much chocolate and unnecessary spending. Go for a spring walk, take the family to a free Easter trail or activity, or have a fun-filled day at home like we do. Enjoy the blossoming of spring and the quality time with family and friends.   

As always, if you have any great, affordable ideas to make Easter eggstra special, let us know in the comments below...



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